Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just Let Me Die

            Have you ever uttered these words, not only have I uttered those words, Job a blameless man proclaimed by God, uttered these exact words.  See, but there was a difference between what he wanted to do and what his wife was telling him to do.  Job wouldn’t curse God and die.  Job understood that all that he was, is, and is to become was in the hands of God.  Job knew not to bite the hand that had fed him for so long.
            Sometimes the hand that we are dealt as Christian’s, strains on us to the point that all we want to do is give up and die.  Job, the blameless man, came to this exact spot in his life, but he wasn’t desperate enough to curse all that he believed in.  We need to be like Job, we need to go through the trial and be blameless vs. cursing who has blessed us once before.  Job was the perfect example of what Christ was talking about.  Take up your cross daily.  Job through everything continued to get up every morning and pick up his cross.  Job showed us how to bear our cross everyday.
            Some people think that because we are Christian’s we aren’t allowed to feel like we don’t want to do something.  Job didn’t feel like going through what he was going through, but news flash, remember what Jesus said, Father please pass this cup from me, but if it has to happen with me, I will do it.  Jesus even spoke of a parable about two sons whose father wanted to go to work.  One said no and then went.  The other said I will and never went.  Jesus said who do you think the father was pleased with?
            So many times we do the opposite of Job.  We get down in the dumps and begin to curse God and that is the point we lose our blamelessness.  We tend to forget that we aren’t the only Modern Day Job’s out here in this world.  We think we are the only one’s who go through hardships and no one else has it as hard as you, but truth be, we aren’t promised that living for God will be a breeze or a walk in the park.
            Job, others, and I, could learn a very valuable lesson from a great man of God who was in my life.  James Allen, aka Grandpa Allen to me, laid in a hospital bed in his living room.  Every time someone would come to visit, they would try and pray for him, but instead of them praying for him, he would pray for them.  We need to get that kind of attitude in our lives.  He knew God could heal him, but he also knew that if he didn’t, his reward was waiting.  My grandpa was a Modern Day Job, but unlike Job he didn’t whine about his situation.  He mad the best of it and blessed those who came to bless him.  Although he didn’t get his possessions doubled in the end, he received something greater, “well done thy good and faithful servant.”
            Remember, be blameless, but remember the only way to be blameless is to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.  If you haven’t received Jesus as of today, message me and I can help you meet Jesus today and become a blameless man!

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why Me God, Why?

As I tried to figure out what I was going to write about this week, I came across passages in the book of Job, when I realized that just as I have asked God many times, Job was asking God this same question.  Why? 
It's so funny how we humans think!  We have this arrogance about us that we think we are better than everyone else!   Even Job a blameless man, was told by God that through all he suffered, this was his only fault.  We always look at everyone else’s faults and never look at our own, even though we might we blameless, we still have no right to point out another’s iniquity!  Remember what the word says, Why are you trying to take the splinter out of your brothers eye, when you have a log in your own!  We tend to look at other people’s splinters, because the log that we have in our own eye is blinding us from the truth.  Job had a point though, but wasn’t able to see it because he was in his own situation, his log was blinding him!  Arrogance! 

          Job questioned God in the whole 24th chapter, asking Him why the wicked aren’t being punished for their actions.  Job, like many of us who go through trials, was asking the question, Why Me God, Why?  Why not my cousin who does drugs, the man who cheats on his wife, or the pastor who swindles money from the church?  The answer is as simple as this, God allows the blameless man to go through trials and the wicked man brings the destruction upon himself!

          I can remember many times after the death of my son Elijah and my wife Sunnie, asking why me and not someone else?  Little did I know that from a lot of pain and anguish, that God would bring a lot of beauty into my life.  I realize now that if it hadn’t been of the birth and death of my son Elijah, I might not be where I am at today with God if I hadn’t gone through that trial.  I also realize that even through the greatest pain that I have suffered in my life, the passing of my first wife Sunnie, that God has brought beauty from that painful situation.  He has blessed me with a beautiful wife and 5 wonderful children!  So remember this, continue to be a blameless man and let the wicked continue to wicked because soon enough the wicked will fall upon their own sword and the blameless mans blessing is going to come through! 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lights, Camera, Actions

   As I've read the Bible several times, I've noticed one thing that has always jumped out to me. It is the fact that there is always a cause that leads to an effect. Whether it is the woman who had many sexual partners, that lead to the "spiritual" people of the day to want to stone her to death (cause and effect), the woman with the issue of blood reaching to touch Jesus' garment, or Job being a blameless man!

   So many times we, unlike Job, bring so many things upon ourselves!Just look at the simple cause and effects of today's society! At every burger shack that you turn around in, it is filled with obese people, because of poor choices that we have made at the counter, notice I said we, because I'm considered to be in that classification.Or the phenomenon that has begun to sweep the nations. The phenomenon of parents not being parents, but trying to be their kids friend. Trying to dress, talk, and walk like there mini me's, instead of being what God has called us to be, parents. To show DISCIPLINE when needed, LOVE when they least expect it, and a SHOULDER TO CRY ON when the weight of the world feels like its on their shoulders!!

   See the old saying is becoming more and more prevalent everyday, but little do we realize that the devil didn't make us do it! We are the ones who ultimately make the decision to do or not to something. As God can never force us to do something, the devil doesn't have that authority either, although we like to pass the blame to him as much as we can.Our Pastor, Bud Plake, has this saying," At the end of the day, a man will do what a man wants to do." This statement is so very true, if i want eggs for dinner, I'm eating eggs for dinner, bottom line and if I choose to sin, its me that sins, not you, my wife, or the devil!

   In being a Modern Day Job we need to start to realize, are we going through a trial, because God ordained it or are we going through a financial crises, because we decided to go out and spend our mortgage money on the coolest and newest gadget on the market. I challenge anyone who reads this blog to examine their lives and figure out if your going through these struggles because its a God thing or am I going through this struggle because of something I've caused. Take a moment and ask yourself what is the cause of this effect I'm going through. Job 1v8, Then the lord said to Satan," Have you considered my servant Job, there is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, one who fears God and turns from evil." Job's effect was induced on him for being a just cause, be like Job, blameless and upright.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Beginning!

As I began reading a book titled, "Primal", Today. I felt lead to begin this blog, to assist anyone who feels like they are going through the same things that Job faced in his day and time! One might ask, "How would you know what Job felt like in his day." To tell you the truth I can honestly say that I for one would know exactly the pains that Job felt! So many things have transpired since the day I was born over 30 years ago! I've lost a brother to murder, I've lost a son at the ripe age of 6 months old, and put a wife back into the ground from which we came from, at the age of 25! I miss everyone of them dearly and feel them in my heart as I type this onto the screen! See the book of Job illuminates itself to me when I read it, it just jumps off the page at me, because it feels like the story of my life. But i'm not writing this blog to harp on all the pains that I've felt, but to help people see and to understand the spiritual and physical restoration that God has bestowed on my life! To help the people that feel left out, dejected, and all alone in this world, but will not curse God and die, but will press on to finish what he has called us to due, even if it means death! I will post this blog once or twice a week! I hope that the things that I begin to write in these post will speak to others as God speaks to my heart about the subjects I post! Thanks for reading this post and have a wonderful day!